Jennifer’s love of words and the English language started early. A voracious reader since the age of seven, it was not long before she found joy in correcting the grammar and spelling of both her friends and the adults around her. All this effort paid off when she was chosen for the English award for her 6th grade graduating class in elementary. While she has lived in Texas for 25 years, her home and her heart still reside in Arkansas. Living a life of obsessions fills Jennifer’s days with all kinds of enjoyments: The Arkansas Razorbacks, reading, grammar, YA literature, and of course, tacos and bacon. She lives with her rescue pug, Cashew, and within driving distance of the pride and joy of her life – her twin nephews. While she has no children of her own, she gains approximately another 150 new children each year as a middle school teacher.

My main focus is copy editing, though I do offer both content and proofreading. Copy editing comes with two rounds of editing. If there are any changes or additions you want to make after the first round, I’ll go back over them for you to make sure they look good grammar-wise or that they work well into the existing story.

My copy/line edit usually has a bit of light content editing included. Along with helping with sentence structure, grammar fixes, repetitive words and other copy items, I’ll also usually let you know if a character’s actions aren’t matching their previous words, ask questions about anything I feel doesn’t make sense plot-wise, and tell you if I was hoping for more out of a scene or character.

I am also a schoolteacher, so during the summer months my turnaround time is faster than the school year. For a 50k copy edit during the school year, it usually takes me around three-four days to do a single round, depending on the day of the week I receive your book. Turnaround is faster if I get them toward the end of the week vs the beginning. 

My ultimate goal is for your book to be successful. I take bad reviews personally. Some authors prefer fixes without explanation (just fix it with track changes but don’t explain to me unless there’s something major) and others prefer to know reasons for most of my suggestions. I can work to whichever level (or in between) you prefer.

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